Monday, February 27, 2012

Decisions before the journey!!!

Magpie Tales....  A glimpse into a world...

Labels red and white,
fingered left and right;
tossed into the bin;
creativity held within.

Labels read,
could be right?
leaning to the left,
or leaning to the right.
Food for the week,
tossed into the bin.
starvation held within.

Labels held
late into the night.
Should it be left,
or should it be right?
Colors abound,
tossed into the din,
Imagination loosed within.

SueAnn Lommler

PS.  The photo is of Warhol shopping.


  1. Not a lot inside a can to stir a muse inside man... :)

  2. smiles...there is a nice dance to your words...nice rhyming...imagination loosed in a can...

  3. Now we know what's in those red-and-white cans... :-)

  4. I liked the flow of the words Sue Ann, shopping is one of those things I hate to do. hugs.