Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Light makes all the difference!

Journey of Light and Color

I have traveled through so many rooms.
Wandering within each one;
Smothering my thoughts with dreams.
A state of turmoil and strife;
With relief!  I am free from those rooms
Free from the prison of those dreams.
Now I am a seeker of color and light
What a delightful adventure.
Red and blue; green and yellow
Saturated with light from within
Painted in color without.
Wonderful color; wonderful light;
Resting with me!
Enjoying the harmony.
Turning my face to the sun
Feeling the warmth
Now I feel like dancing;
No more sorrow for me.
Shame is but a memory;
Confidence holds my hand!

written by SueAnn Lommler

May your day be filled with words and creative thoughts!
Have a magical and blessed day!!
Hugging you


  1. nice...i am glad confidence has found you and that you are now free of those dreams...

  2. "Smothering my thoughts with dreams." What an outstanding line, my friend. I might have to allude to it some day.