Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Magpie Tales...He waited.,..

Magpie Tales

He waited.....

Ten times he came this way;
not wanting to miss;
straining to hear the sound.

His world turned blue;
yet still he waited;
feeling the pain of loss.

As he approached;
he heard the faint ringing;
color came back into his world.

The above picture is the prompt used by Mag 105 for my poem this week.
Check out the others.  

Have a beautifully creative day!!
Hugging you


  1. A slow but getting-there process. One coloured little wisp at a time. I enjoyed this poem very much!

  2. A ring tone in an empty phone box is always one to make you do a double take...Get's scary if you think the caller is expecting YOU to answer...

  3. The picture interpreted so well.
    Please feel free to use mine too.

  4. It's intriguing to consider how a ringing telephone can change a perspective. I enjoyed this ..........