Friday, March 16, 2012

Say it Girl...!

What She Said....

Painfully slow;
shifting like sand.
A path so well worn;
tis time.

Always returning
to the same old rock.
 Initials placed there,
etched deep.

This is real;
not just the same.
Walking on egg shells,
fear abandoned.

Did you notice;
myths have dissipated.
Striking a new pose,
peace returns.

SueAnn @2012


  1. really like how the two middle stanzas play off each other...returning to the rock, or foundation, and this is real...this turns well in the last stanza as well...i need to think on that one a bit...smiles...

    have a lovely weekend

  2. SueAnn I really enjoyed this. It is beautiful. Makes me want to read more. have a great weekend.