Sunday, April 8, 2012

Gnarly Old Tree!!

I saw a man,
on a far distant hill;
nailed to a gnarly old tree.
His blood
flowing down that tree;
soaking the ground...wondering what I see?

I drew closer,
to that man;
nailed to the gnarly old tree.
His face....pure agony.
His breath came is gasps,
I shook and I fell to my knees.

I stood below,
and looked at Him;
nailed to that gnarly old tree.
Then He cried, "Don't forsake me!",
I wondered what he meant?
I sank as she feel to her knees.

Soon all gathered round Him,
and gently took Him down;
from the nails of that gnarly old tree.
Some were weeping; some were silent,
and they washed Him best they could;
swaddling Him now that He was clean.

Now I am standing where they held Him,
my body is covered in blood;
from the man on that gnarly old tree.
My mind is numb; my heart is broken,
I wondered what He meant,
as He hung on that gnarly old tree.

And soon He would be free,
from the tomb that held His frame;
for He died on that gnarly old tree.
Shackles broken, curtain ripped,
ground is trembling and it shook;
when I heard a voice shouting...
 You are free!!!

SueAnn @ 2012 (1996)

Have a wonderous and miraculous day
Hugging you

Happy Easter


  1. lovely sue ann...well, in its awesome gruesomeness...but ultimate victory....happy easter....

  2. Sorrow, hope and joy in the same poem. Lovely.