Sunday, April 29, 2012

Magpie Tales ~ Mag 115

The image provided this week is...

image by Manu Pombrol

I just had to play with this one!!!


He thought,
if he just sat there;
the plan would be made clear.
He thought and he sat;
and drank his cold beer.

He hoped,
if he just looked at it;
the design he would see.
He hoped and he looked;
and knew he should pee.

He tried,
if he'd just start moving;
the scheme would unfold.
He tried and he moved;
and he was unable to be bold.

He imagined,
if he could see it;
the picture would unfold.
He imagined and he saw;
and still it was cold.

He sat,
he looked,
he tried,
he moved.
 pages eluded him;
the story was yet.....untold.

A writers' tribute


Visit The Mag and see the other interpretations of this piece.  Thoroughly entertaining and please join in.
Celebrating writers of all kinds and in all walks of life.  I salute you all!

Have a creative and imaginative day
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  1. What a fabulous presentation. I love the images!

  2. haha...nice dance to your words...and i like how you played with the pic...remember those pics you could stare at until something popped out at you...made me think of that...and oy, if you gotta pee you better get out the jar...smiles...

  3. Very clever manipulation of the image. Don't tell me that's pee he's sitting in! Lovely pics! Stinky concept!

  4. Clever and enjoyable - both image and text...

  5. Nice distortions. Haven’t we all been there though - as if staring at it will make it become clearer?

  6. Drinking cold beer while trapped in a small jar could soon become a real paradox for the occupant . Loved your words.

  7. I liked the last image version! I can tell you had as much fun as me. LOL

  8. Very clever.. And loved what u did with the picture up there! Creative!

    When you drown in your crystal clear tears.

  9. That last customized image is incredible ... enjoyed your poem too!

  10. You have designed such a creative response here, SueAnn. I love this! The colors dance around your images almost as much as the rhythm dances around your rhymes. Even the pee adds tension. Perfect. Thank you for designing this. =D

  11. loved it... the little story has a deep meaning as i see it. as the design unfolded. :)

    and the edits are cool too..especially the second one.. loved the post.

    my take : In Wake Of Truth.

  12. Great images! Twists in word and image!

  13. very funny and imaginative

    renal test

  14. On your first picture, where the foot is overlapping and you get the sketched look with yellow and purple, that's my favourite part :)