Monday, April 9, 2012

Magpie Tales....Fractured Imagining!!

Mag 112 offered a great challenge photo/painting this week!  I love it and if you do, join in.  Share a poem, lyric or short essay/story expressing your take on this piece...

image: djajakarta

I first altered it a bit...smiles!!!

image: djajakarta and SueAnn

Pursuing the emptiness!

Looking at a blank canvas;
the birth of a thought is incubating.
nestled between my mind and heart,
growing, emerging and escaping!

Facing a blank canvas;
holding back fear and restraint.
bile rising within,
doubt making me faint.

Touching that blank canvas;
dipping brush into a thought.
tracing the dream within,
ransom has been sought.

Applying fabric to the blank canvas;
adhering with glue and a pin.
folding, caressing, smoothing it flat,
touching the thought, so thin.

Mastering that blank canvas;
glue and paint and beads.
spreading and filling
edges do heed.

Completing that blank canvas;
knowing when it's done.
celebrating all alone.
totally giving that finishing touch
conquered by the one!

SueAnn @ 2012


  1. teh look in on your creative journey as you create your art sue what you did witht he pic as well...the green really brings it to life...

  2. Your art obviously fills your soul.

  3. What an inspired joy of making in images adorned

  4. Clever and really entertaining...

  5. I would love to borrow your glasses for a day, i feel like a canvas , about to be created by your creativity

  6. dipping brush into a thought

    That's beautiful. :)

  7. What a beautiful image and I love your words -- very inspiring. :)

  8. Love what you did to the prompt.

    And what you did with the prompt.


  9. You altered the prompt and made it yours. Completely! And completely wondrous!