Sunday, April 22, 2012

Magpie Tales....Immersion!!!!

Welcome to another installment to Magpie Tales offered to us from The Mag.  The image to inspire us is...

image by Alex Stoddard


He thought he was a mermaid
He had it in his head
He spent his day a lounging
lounging in his bed.

He thought he was a submarine
He had it in his head,
He spent the day with periscopes
periscopes near his bed.

He thought he was a blue whale
He had it in is head.
He spent the day a singing
singing in his bed.

He thought he was an ocean wave
He had it in his head
He spent the day a sloshing
sloshing in his bed.

He knew that he was very sick
and couldn't leave his bed.
He spent the day a dreaming
And escaping in his head.

image altered by SueAnn

SueAnn @ 2012


  1. I like the rhythm. I like the rhyme. I like the end. I like the way you changed the picture. Great work!

  2. must be nice to dream you are whale

    altered states

  3. smiles...i like what your texture did to the pic....and i am glad at least he can dream in his sickness...that leaves me a bit sad for him...and wanting to help him escape...

  4. Hope the dreams are fulfilled soon.
    Nicely done.

  5. Escaping into a world of his own. The word 'escape' summoned up a vision of an escapologist submerged in a tank with chains, except the subject of your poem has invisible chains.Well done.

  6. Good story - the ending is sad, but you've related this very effectively.

  7. I liked it, so reminiscent of old folk songs.

    Well done!


  8. As a fan of rhyme, I must say I really liked this. I found the shift from whimsical to poignant to be very effective. Vb

  9. Love the 'he thought' repetition ... nice writing!!

  10. Life is very beautiful for this guy !