Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hidden Meanings ~ Secret Things!

The challenge is to present a piece of art having to do with hidden meanings or secret things. What a wonderful challenge.

Over the years, I have attempted to write diaries and keep journals and all to no avail. Secrets I keep hidden deep inside of me. I don't write them down and I very rarely share them. I am just not mysterious nor do I play games. Nothing this is a unique challenge for me.

What secrets do I hold that I wish to share? I do use symbols many times. Patterns, shapes and icons. They have personal meanings to me..they are my mark! I guess in many ways, these marks keep the pieces mine in some fashion. Guess that is my secret.

I am sharing a collage and some photos that embrace these thoughts.

Holder of Dreams

So sweet,
the taste of it.
So masterful,
it's grasp.

So gentle,
it's voice.
So seductive,
it's presence.

So powerful,
it's image.
So memorable,
it lingers.

So it leads me,
and I follow.
Dreams in the night,
become plans for the day,

SueAnn @ 2012

Visit The Butterfly Effect and see the other intriguing pieces that are being presented. 

Have a creative and imaginative day!
Hugging you,


  1. What wonderful collage and photos.:) Really love the colors and your poem is fantastic!

  2. smiles...i like your verse...and i think it is cool that they have symbolism for you...that will be something cool to share in your book so that people can go back and look at theirs...smiles.

  3. I love how the fragmentation becomes a beautiful whole. You take pieces, breathe life into them and make something that it is all you. That last altered image wants to be my background ;-)

  4. Interpreting an artist's mind is always a challenge.
    Excellent creations by you.

  5. love your collage with its wonderful grasbundles and the doublesun and on the otherhand the night with its pieces distributed...hope that make any sense ;)

  6. Can in rather late (& puffing) to see your 'hidden things/secret dreams' from Fully Buttered & so happy I did - these pieces are truly magical & visually exciting - great work!!!