Monday, May 14, 2012

Magpie Tales ~ The Mag 117 ~

Our challenge this week...a beautiful painting by Paul honor of Mothers' Day!  The image...

The Meal, 1891, by Paul Gauguin

Time to eat

On this day,
the kitchen is empty
the oven is cold.
Taking the day off;
they were all told.

It's just another day,
 our stomachs are empty
they mumbled and groaned
You're expecting us
to cook on our own?

On this special day,
I am sleeping in
then I'm taking a bath.
So fend for yourselves,
or suffer my wrath!

On this day,
the kitchen is empty
the oven is cold.
She took the day off!
She is so bold!!!

SueAnn @ 2012

I just had to play with the image...sorry Gauguin.  Ha!!

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Have a creative and imaginative day
Hugging you


  1. good for her...and i hope that she enjoyed the bath and day off...smiles....

  2. I think you rendition captures the anger of the unfed hopefuls! :)

  3. How wonderful that the nurturer took a day off. Relaxation and some sood for the soul. A beautiful poem. many thanks for sharing this, SueAnn. =D

  4. I took the day off as well ... nice rhyme!!

  5. Bold indeed! Hope you enjoyed Mother's Day...