Monday, May 28, 2012

Magpie Tales ~ Mag 119

The challenge this week is from the painting by Hopper...Visit The Mag and see the other writings!  Fabulous!!

Hopper, Edward,...House at Dusk
 I played...


He said she would be right back,
that she simply went to do some errands
I didn't hear her leave,
I didn't see her go?
I wait.

He said she wasn't mad
that she simply had to go out for awhile.
I didn't hear her go?

I didn't see her leave?
I wait.

He said she loved us so;
that she simply would not leave us.
I didn't feel the tears
I didn't see his fear?
I wait.

He said she would return;
that she simply left for a little while.
I didn't hear the fight?
I didn't see the blows?
I wait.

He said he wasn't crying;
that she would be home very soon.
I knew that he was lying?
I knew she wouldn't return.
I wait.

He said he had to go;
that he had to run some errands.
I didn't hear the door close?
I didn't see him leave?
I wait.

They left me here alone;
that they would be back soon.
I knew this wasn't true.
I knew I'd have to go.
I wait.

The apartment was found empty.  Not a soul in sight.  The only sound was the sound of dripping water from the sink in the kitchen.  The coffee was on; the toast ready in the toaster; cereal bowl filled and uneaten; and a sink filled with dishes.  Not a soul in sight.  

The apartment was found empty.  Not a soul in sight.  Blood smeared on the wall, and on the floor, and on the door.  Mirrors broken on the right.  Window broken on the left.  Not a soul in sight.

The apartment was found empty.  Not a soul in sight.  The mystery now has deepened.  No husband!  No wife!  No son!  Where had this begun?  

Not a soul in sight?

 A mystery unfolds tonight!

Not a soul in sight!?

SueAnn @ 2012

Have a creative and imaginative day!
Hugging you


  1. ooo this is haunting in the end...the repetition is spot on and sets the tone...i like the shift to prose at the end as well...def a fine piece of writing sue ann....

  2. Very mysterious and a nice contrast between the verse and prose forms.

  3. Powerful and very imaginative - well done.

  4. And therein hangs a tale... LOL

  5. The crime scene investigator in me wants to solve this!

  6. This is very dark for the bright and happy person I know you to be. Is that your hidden side?

  7. Chilling tale revealed in wonderful style.

  8. I like your questions at the end of statements! thanks for visiting.