Monday, June 18, 2012

Magpie Tales ~ The Mag 122!!

The picture today, for our inspiration is...

Puddle, 1952, M. C. Escher

Escher altered

Water Sky

She sat, patiently,
waiting for the water to form small pools.
Glistening at her feet.
Creating new worlds.
Inviting her.

She sat, patiently,
watching the puddles form,
Gathering at her feet.
Reflecting the surrounding terrain.
Enticing her.

She sat, patiently,
wondering what puddles tell,
Of worlds within it's shores.
Responding to her touch.
Greeting her.

She sat, patiently,
wishing she could enter that world.
That pooled around her feet.
Whispering her name.
Asking her to enter it's world.

a bench - isolated and cold.
Pools of water surrounding it.
A shoe,  half submerged

How many worlds do you live in?
As they watch you sink or swim?
Take my hand
And wade in!!

SueAnn @ 2012

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Have a creative and imaginative day!
Hugging you


  1. i like the invitation in the makes me wonder what it is she wants to escape...and every once in a while we do get those glimpses of the other worlds...smiles

  2. I think you and I live in several! LOL. Loved your warm tapestry take on the muddy puddle. ♥

  3. An excellent post, in both text and visual.

  4. Fascinating how altering an image creates inspiration for writing! I like this!

  5. I love the imaginative pondering and the patience. Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem, SueAnn.