Monday, July 23, 2012

Magpie Tales ~

Magpie Tales ( The Mag 127) gave us an interesting challenge today!  From the painting done by Franz Kline in 1952

And, of course I played with the image!!

She sat in the corner,
nursing her Scotch and Soda.
A single tear escaped
 Can one feel this low?
The music played on!
She took another sip.

She sat in the corner,
no one ventured over to her.
Another tear
She could hardly breath.
Can one feel this pain?
She took another sip.

She sat in the corner,
wondering how he could,
More tears ran down her cheek.
The pain is crushing.
She took another sip.

She sat in the corner
cursing the very day!
Sobs broke forth
She welcomed the release
She took another sip

She sat in the corner
feeling some relief.
Dry eyed
Resolution filled her heart
She finished off her drink.

She sat in the corner
eyeing those around her.
Hope filled her heart
A smile crossed her lips
She took another sip

She sat in the corner
Finishing her Scotch.
Crossing him off the list.
She ordered another round.
Time to party
and she looked around.
She took another sip!

SueAnn @2012
Have a creative and imaginative day!
Hugging you



  1. Entertaining posting AND image-creating...

  2. love what you did with the image...that is so cool and cheary...i am glad that the journey your lady took in your verse ending in her having hope for the future....

  3. I can't help thinking she must have sipped a lot, to look like that image! Hehehe!

  4. I loved seeing that grin at the end...

  5. I really like what you did here Sue Ann...thanks for sharing this

  6. Hope she's sipping J & B! Love those notes near the top of your art!

  7. Hope her hope was well found!

    Anna :o]