Sunday, December 16, 2012

Magpie Tales ~

The prompt for today is more difficult than it least I think so.  I could go in so many directions.
Here is the photo...

photo by Andy Magee

Do I discuss the car, the wet road, the field?  So many choices...I love the challenge!  Here is my take on the photo.....

Reflections in time

Wandering on this road called life,
moving from side to side.
Crowds gather.
shouts of dismay
ashes at our feet.

Wandering on this road called life,
following all the signs.
Some say right,
some left
some chose no direction at all.

Wandering on this road called life,
rains wash our faces clean,
stones break
gulley's form;
plans harden like mud.

Wandering on this road called life,
seconds ticking away.
clocks stand still,
children die
parents cry
nations profess confusion.

 Wandering on this road called life,
broken deep within.
 secrets whispered in the dark,
whistling in the wind
 tunes of silent men
rumble in our heads.


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Have a prayerful and thoughtful day!
Hugging you



  1. the road of life is not easy, but it is...and storms, expect them, but sun as well...smiles. travel on

  2. Yes, I've been on that road, where plans harden like mud.

  3. It's a hard road...not so straight and narrow, is it? This is a very touching, sensitive metaphor.

  4. Beautiful SueAnn! Wow, you are such a talent! Can't wait to see you in person girl! xoxo Riki

  5. Quite a road we're all on. Therein, however, lies the beauty. We all are on it. We can aid and support one another.

  6. seems you've summed up everything most of us encounter in life... your refrain was a delight to read again and again and again... great write!


  7. That's a haunting image you've created there - somehow a mix of Picasso, Hieronymus Bosch and an oriental tapestry! I especially like the last two lines...

  8. So much truth in your beautiful words SueAnn! :-)

  9. the road is metaphor for a lot of feeling and this contains a lot