Sunday, April 14, 2013

Magpie Tales! ~ For Just a Little While!!!

Another wonderful prompt is being offered by Tess at The Mag.  Make sure and stop over and see the other talented answers to this challenge.

Here is the painting....

Spring, 1935 by Kuzma Petrov-Vodin 

Here is my take on this painting...

This is the best!

Let us rest here,
for just a little while.
It's a beautiful day!
We just need a little time!
But no time to sleep!
Let us rest here;
as we consider the plan.
She continued to sigh.
I'm just feeling so weary!
 Let us join with the sky!
Let us rest here;
It is the best way!
He took her by the hand.
We shall find that peace!
So tired of this life!
Let us rest here;
and they held each other close.
Time to leave this ledge!
We will enter forever!
 One..two..and three....
And they stood just over here.
Where they leapt from the ledge.
Holding on to each other.
 Meeting their end.


Have a imaginative and creative day!
Hugging you,



  1. oh my goodness...i did not expect that end...actually the break out lines made me think it but....dang...nice sueann..

    um going for a hike now...promise i wont jump

  2. Clear and crisp and ultimately rather painful...

  3. Yikes!
    At least they rested :)

  4. It's a bit early for a beer or I'd go get one. I didn't see that coming.

  5. I did see that coming and am left hanging to that ledge edge looking and wondering ... thought-provoking ... things can look so benign on the surface when there is real tumult beneath ...

  6. Your vivid interpretation of his painting matches the startling end for this couple.

  7. The first suicides of the Mag. But well executed.

  8. Now that I look again at the picture, I guess they are a little too close to that ledge!

  9. Good one Sue Anne, reminds me of "Picnic at Hanging Rock ", i used to live there,

  10. Very sad ending, the frantic pacing of the poem really captured a sense of desperation and hysteria

  11. confirmation in each other thaen the act so well written

  12. I was about to say, love bright and cheery, then I get to the end and my face hits the rocks--I love it. What a jolt!