Monday, July 1, 2013

Magpie Tales ~ Shoes holding Back the Future!

Wonderful image provided by Tess, at The Mag this past weekend.  I could have gone in so many directions.  So many choices; so little time.  Ha!

Here is the image provided....

image by Musin Yohan

Isn't gorgeous?  I "old world" traditional.  But I couldn't leave it alone.  I kept pushing it...going in another is my take...

Shoes holding Back the Future

She wandered the fields,
feet shod with her past;
her head in the future...
which was unfamiliar to her;

She wandered the fields,
shouldering a heavy load;
weighing her down;
imprisoning her life....
in the future.

She wandered the fields,
steps unsteady;
seeing with her eyes;
stones with windows....
glistening in the sun.

She wandered the fields,
shadowing her vision;
clouding her mind;
ideas so foreign...
with sweat on her brow.

She wandered the fields,
while food for the village;
sat around her shoulders;
shaking the visions,
out of her mind.

She wandered no more;
clear of the future
confident in her past
striding with purpose.....
hearing those familiar voices;
she smiled!

Have a familiar, yet adventurous day!
Hugging you


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  1. smiles....remembering her purpose gives strength to her steps...a village depends on her....nice take sue ann