Monday, June 3, 2019

A New Take - from the Turtle!

Tales from the Darkside

Tentacles  from the Shadowland reached out....
Snaring me from it's cold, dank reaches.
Caring not for my fear!
Actually,  relishing it!
Celebrating it with glee.....
Blood dripping from it's fangs!
But I escaped!!!!!
With a joyous laughter escaping my mouth!
Outloud I laughed!
Then, louder I roared.
I shouted, " You have no hold on me!"  " It's all a trick!"  "A figment of my weariness!"
"Be gone you fool demon!"
Just as quickly as I felt the snare.....
I felt the release....
A comforting spring filled my joints and I felt the power surge my limbs!
Ahhhh!  Precious Spirit!!
You've come through me yet again!
The Shadowland whispers such horrid lies, and yet again, in my weariness,  I almost fell prey.
Will this ever end?
Small steps!

Love and hugs,

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